Dingdong Dantes shares his sweet promises to son Sixto on IG

PHOTO: @dongdantes on Instagram

PHOTO: @dongdantes on Instagram

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s son Jose Sixto, nicknamed Ziggy, just turned one month old today.

And to celebrate his newborn’s first milestone, Daddy Dingdong took to Instagram and wrote Ziggy a lovely message along with a picture that captured the little boy perfectly asleep on his dad’s big Ducati bike.

Dingdong’s caption reads: “You seem pretty comfortable on that saddle, huh? But hey, it is too big and you may only pose on it...for now.”

He went on: “Alright, okay, yes, maybe one day you can ride it and even own it. But that’s really not what i want you to have. Material things get old, expire and tear down.

“I would also never give that as a gift because as beautiful as it may appear, it has no value to me. It is just a material thing.”

The father of two promised to teach his son the most important thing in life—valuing people and relationships.

“What i want you to have and what i will continue to give you is the ability to value people and relationships. One day you’ll hone it and make it your own unique talent and characteristic— even far better than your forefathers.

“But if you’ll seriously want to ride, i’ll make sure i am healthy enough to teach you a thing or two. That is, if your Mother would even allow it. Happy first month, son. #SIXTO”


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The Dantes family welcomed their baby boy into the world last Easter, April 16.



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