Dimples Romana says she’d quit showbiz once her husband tells her to leave

Dimples Romana talked about the possibility of leaving showbiz once her husband demanded her to quit.

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Dimples Romana talked about the possibility of leaving showbiz once her husband demanded her to quit.

Philippine’s trending kontrabida Dimples Romana opened up about her possibility of quitting showbiz all for the sake of her family.

Dimples has been in the showbiz industry for over two decades now. And ever since she began her showbiz career starring in TV series Esperanza with lead actors Judy Ann Santos, Wowie De Guzman and Piolo Pascual in 1997, she has been working non-stop as she never says no to any project, big or small.

And throughout those years, Dimples has dealt with crazy work schedules, sleepless nights, and missed family moments.  

During the pocket press interview after being launched as the new ambassadress of JuanLife personal accident insurance yesterday, Dimples was asked if her husband Boyet Ahmee ever questioned her work schedule.  

“Nako hindi,” laughs Dimples. “Kilala niyo naman ’yong asawa ko, napakabait noon sa akin, hindi ko lahat ito magagawa [kung hindi dahil sa kanya].”

Dimples admitted that despite her busy schedule her husband Boyet is always so generous and understanding towards her. In return, she says, can instantly leave showbiz if her husband ask her to do so. 

“Sa totoo lang po pag sinabi po sa akin ng asawa ko na ‘tama na’ kahit today, right away susundin ko. 

“Kasi masyadong matagal na din ’yong panahon na pinagbigyan niya ako. S’yempre hindi ko kayang [iwan], pero para sa pamilya kakayanin.”

But she also believes that her husband is not the kind of person who will stop her from doing the job that she really loves to do.  

“Pero alam ko din na ’yong asawa ko will never ask that of me, hindi kasi ganoon ’yong asawa ko. Si Boyet noong nag-Magandang Buhay kami tinanong siya kung anong wish niya sa akin, naiyak nga ako kasi pareho sila ni Callie, inabangan ko kung ano ’yong isasagot nila. 

“Sabi ni Boyet, ‘Si Dimps masaya siya sa trabaho niya, gusto ko lang maging masayang-masaya siya.’”





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