Derek Ramsay’s tips on moving on

PHOTO: @ramsayderek07 on IG

PHOTO: @ramsayderek07 on IG

Coming from a recent breakup, Derek Ramsay has something to say to those people who are also in the process of letting go of the person you once loved (or still love). 

At the press conference recently of his first GMA-7 soap, The Better Woman, Derek entertained questions with regard to his split-up six-year girlfriend, Joanne Villablanca.

He said he’s slowly trying to accept life without Joanne and her 11-year-old daughter, Sophie, whim he loved as his own.

“You know there’s more to life, diba? It’s sad but not everything in life works your way...” Derek shared. “There’s ups, there’s downs. The ups feel better I guess if you have more downs, diba? And I’m gonna be up again, I’m sure.” 

He went on: “This is something that I would cherish. Six years of my life, six years of her life. Six years together. You can’t just turn your back on that. And she will have a special place together with Sophie in my heart, and I’ll always look back and smile about it but for now, she’s angry and I’m hurt. She has a different way of dealing with it, I deal with it with the way I am and we’re all designed to love. I’m sure I’ll love again. I’m sure she’ll love again. I’m sure she’ll find the right guy for her.”

Despite his situation, the 42-year-old actor-athlete keeps a positive outlook in life. 

“You just gotta think about, you know… yes, it hurts but you have so many other things in life...” he paused. 

“Whether it’s... you have kids already, well there’s your family, friends, career, yourself, you should love yourself. There’s so many other factors in life that can make you happy. 

“Yes, she’s a big factor but she’s not the only thing, right? And your significant other is not the only thing that should make you happy. So you just gotta just think about it and say ‘hey, we’re all designed to love’. Everybody. Everyone in this room. We’ve all fallen in love. So later on, time will heal things and you’ll fall in love again.” 

When asked about the qualities of a “better” woman for him. He said, “Siguro it’s not somebody who’s perfect, it’s not somebody that’s got all the physical looks. That’s not that eh. It’s how that woman makes you feel… if you feel like you’re a better man. Your significant other should make you feel perfect, should make you feel secure, should make you feel happy with no questions. I think that’s the better woman.”



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