Darren to JK: “Sa korte na lang tayo magkita”

PHOTOS: @juankarloslifetime on Instagram & @darrenespanto on Instagram

PHOTOS: @juankarloslifetime on Instagram & @darrenespanto on Instagram

The Twitter war between Darren Espanto and JK Labajo may soon escalate to a legal battle.  

READ: JK Labajo, Darren Espanto feud on Twitter over alleged gay insult

In a series of tweets posted early this morning, Darren finally responded to JK’s (now-deleted) tweets explaining his side of the issue.  

Here are Darren’s tweets:   





The first tweet refers to JK’s deleted tweets where he shared screenshots of his private conversation with Darren before the issue was made public. Darren also mentioned JK’s stint in PBB, where he made comments about an unnamed singer’s sexuality, assumed by netizens to be Darren.

The second tweet is Darren’s direct response to a tweet made by JK, where the singer griped about the issue going public. The now-deleted tweet read: “again @Espanto2001 I tried talking to you in private but you started this. gusto mo bastusan tandaan mo bastos ako sayo.”  

Aside from responding to JK, Darren also apologized for using the word “bakla” as an insult. He also called out netizens who accused him of having “fragile masculinity,” and pointed out that he has faced gay rumors ever since he was 12 years old.




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