Darren Espanto gives light on issue about his sexual orientation anew

Darren Espanto, once again, made clarifications about his sexuality!

PHOTO: @darrenespanto on Instagram

Darren Espanto, once again, made clarifications about his sexuality!

Last Monday, September 7, Darren Espanto appeared as a guest on Kyle Echarri’s “Real Talk” vlog series where he, once again, clarified speculations about his sexuality.

At first, Kyle asked his friend how he deals with bashers.

“How do I deal with those people? You know what, just don’t mind them,” the singer said. “Kasi sa industriyang ginagalawan natin, Kyle, alam mo ‘yon, [...] we’re always going to run into people like that, especially bashers. Kasama ’yon sa mundo ng showbiz and all that, so I personally don’t mind them.”

“I know na wala naman silang ibang mas magandang ginagawa sa buhay kesa sa ‘kin,” he adds. “That’s pretty much it. Who cares about them?”

When Kyle asked Darren what issue has bashers been throwing at him for a long time that he wants to finally address, The Voice Kids finalist answered the issue about his sexual orientation.

“A lot of people are like ‘Oh, bakla ’yan’ kasi [...] ever since The Voice Kids, when I started singing songs that are always for girls or, like, I have a high voice in general, [...] they always assume my sexual preference, pretty much. But I’d like to let everyone know that I’m straight,” Darren explained.

“I’ve addressed this before but the thing is always parang wala na silang ibang mahanap. So, kapag bored sila sasabihin nilang ‘Ah, bakla ’yan.’ so ’yun,” he added.

It was last 2016 during the press conference for his concert D Total Experience where Darren first denied rumors that he is gay.


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