Coleen Garcia on having a baby: “Medyo matagal pa”

PHOTO: Melo Balingit

PHOTO: Melo Balingit

Coleen Garcia signs a five-year contract with Viva Artist Agency earlier this afternoon, February 18.

The artist expressed her passion for films and she’s excited to star in all of the ten films lined up and agreed upon in her contract under Viva.

source: Melo Balingit

After the contract signing, the actress shares her plans with regard to having a baby, “Medyo matagal pa, siguro mga two to three years.”

“It really depends on where we are, in our career and personally also we really have to be ready. Ayaw namin ng basta basta, kailangan ready talaga kami”

Coleen said it was a mutual decision to postpone having children but if it’s already God’s plan, they are more than willing to accept the gift.

“Kung mangyare po at binigay ng Panginoon, tatanggapin po namin ng buong-buo because God’s plan is better than our plan”

“Sana if choice namin, sana mga two to three years pa, para ma-enjoy din namin ang marriage” she hoped.

The 26-year-old host also admitted that she’s not yet ready to have a baby because of the responsibility that comes with it.

“Di pa ako ready. Kasi may bago din kaming puppy narealize ko nako I’m not ready for a responsibility yet tapos umiihi everywhere nasisira yung furniture na pinagipunan namin, so parang sabi ko hindi pa talaga ako ready.”  

She also opened up about getting married at a young age and how she really wanted to build a family of her own because she was still young when her parents got separated.

“The reason I got married early para may enough years din kami na kaming dalawa lang before we have a baby.”

Kasi mahirap to work on a relationship, although a lot of people are able to do it, pero it’s more of my preference na I want to be able to work on relationship in dynamics as husband and wife bago kami maging mommy and daddy.”

“Para lang pag nag problem solving kami, may teamwork ng nagaganap.”   

Coleen also said that her transfer to the same management agency as her husband’s is her own decision and Billy is not a deciding factor why she will do it but Billy’s experiences working with Viva helped her a lot to finally signed the contract.

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