Chynna Ortaleza teaches daughter Stellar how to be independent

Chynna Ortaleza encourages her kid Stellar to become more independent.

PHOTOS: @chynsortaleza on IG

Chynna Ortaleza encourages her kid Stellar to become more independent.

Actress Chynna Ortaleza showed her Instagram followers earlier this afternoon on how she’s encouraging her firstborn Stellar to become independent at an early age. 

Chynna uploaded a photo of her daughter who’s busy unleashing her creativity on what seemed to be a coloring book. 

“Art Time. Since Pea is feeling under the weather & misses school.. We decided to do art time at home. Pasalubong ng Daddy niya sakanya from Klaypel yung work niya today.” Chynna wrote on her IG post.  

The mom of two admitted that until now it’s still so hard for her to allow Stellar, her three-year-old sweet girl, to be able to learn on her own with minimal supervision coming from her. 

“It’s hard for me not to tell her what to do. But we both learn from observation more than dictation. After initial instructions on my end.. I let her be.”

Chynna then mentioned that once she gives her daughter a chance to decide for herself, a chance to become independent, she learns to trust her kid in return. 

“It teaches me to let her go & trust in her abilities. On her end, she is becoming more independent with a good sense of self.”

And Chynna ended her caption with a sweet note dedicated to Stellar and her son Salem writing, “Anak hanggang pagtanda niyo ni Salem maniniwala ako kakayanan niyo.”


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