Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani's Wedding: Two is Better than One

PHOTO: @patdy11 and @xtianbautista on instagram

PHOTO: @patdy11 and @xtianbautista on instagram

Singer Christian Bautista and his wife Kat Ramnani already tied the knot privately in Tirtha Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia last November 17, 2018 after being engaged for a year. Sinundan naman ito ng isang magarbo at eleganteng kasal sa The Manila Hotel kasama ang mga relatives and friends ng newlyweds noong nakaraang linggo. 


Here are the highlights of the 2 celebrations of #letsgetreadytorambau: 


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Before their big day, the couple held a Bollywood night for their guests. 



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On IG, Christian showed the special place for the newlyweds in Bali, Indonesia where they officially became the "Bautistas" and sealed it with a kiss as their very own family and a few of their closest friends witnessed their once in a lifetime event. 



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The couple requested to have a doughnut cake for their wedding specially made by The Naked Foodie. It is a 4-tier buttercream cake towering 2.5 high which amazingly braved the heat of Bali. The newlyweds are both wearing Francis Libiran's work to their second wedding in Manila. 



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On IG, Christian didn't forget to thank his parents for the endless love, guidance and support that they have provided for the newlyweds. Also, he didn't leave his best men behind as he thanked them for always finding a way to be there in good times and especially hard times. 


Indeed, it is sweeter the second time around as they celebrate the wedding with a bunch of laughter and tears of joy with their relatives and  a number of celebrities present in The Manila Hotel. 


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People who share the same passion for music like Christian Bautista completed the night as they sing and celebrate their hearts out for the couple. 


Their wedding vows only proved that they are really ready to take not only the beautiful but also the awful throws of life together to forever. 


"You’re the strongest person I know and everyone else does. Whatever life throws at us, I'll take the punches with you" - Christian Bautista

"And now together we dance the most beautiful rythm of two peopleso inlove and about to go on an amazing adventure together" - Kat Ramnani


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