Celebrities take on the “10-year challenge”

PHOTO: @drewarellano on Instagram

PHOTO: @drewarellano on Instagram

What did you look like 10 years ago?

That’s the question being asked by the “10-year challenge” currently sweeping all over Instagram and Facebook. The point of the challenge is simple: to post a side-by-side of your look from 10 years ago and your look now.

The challenge has become popular with netizens poking fun at their outdated looks or waxing nostalgia about simpler times—and now the craze has reached stardom status with many celebrities also posting their decade-old throwback.

Check out how some of the biggest names in showbiz looked like 10 years ago:


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Aside from the legit throwbacks, there are also posts with a twist, like the ones from Mark Bautista and Jio de Leon who made a side-by-side comparison of them and their dads.


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But the funniest post award would have to go to Luis Manzano, whose throwback pic is that of a totally different yet equally pogi star! 


The aging hit you hard challenge, 2010 vs 2018. Buti nalang nag develop pa looks ko

Posted by Lucky Manzano on Sunday, January 13, 2019

Will you be taking on the 10-year challenge?

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