Catriona's national costume inspired funny memes

PHOTOS: @voguethailand and @catrionagray

PHOTOS: @voguethailand and @catrionagray

Miss Universe 2018 candidate of the Philippines, Catriona Gray, literally represented the whole country by incorporating  the three island groups; the Parol (Luzon), Pintados (Visayas) and Textile patterns (Mindanao) in her national costume Last Night, December 10 at the Nong Nooch International Convention Center in Pattaya, Thailand. 


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The national costume's intricate and notable designs symbolizes the Filipino culture, tradition and history that's why it is called "LuzViMinda" by her mentor Carlos Buendia Jr. and fashion designer Jearson Demavivas. 


Even Catriona’s pose and gesture were well-thought of by her mentor, Carlos Buendia, Jr.



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Catriona's walk and national costume received a lot of mixed reaction from pageant enthusiasts. But considering how Filipinos also love humor, some Netsizens were quick to flood the Internet with freshly-created funny memes and comments portraying Catriona and her NatCos the way they inetrpreted it. 

But one thing that they have in common is to continue rooting for Catriona to bring home the crown and make all Filipinos proud. 

Here are some of them:





But Catriona herself started it all… 


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Keep slaying, Cat!

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