Catriona Gray sends out handwritten letters to fans

PHOTOS: @catriona_gray on Instagram

PHOTOS: @catriona_gray on Instagram

What’s not to love about handwritten letters?

Especially if it’s from the Queen of the Universe, right?

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray took some time to write back to her fan mails attached with her personal stamp while she’s at the Miss Universe headquarters in New York.  

The sweet gesture of writing letters is one of Catriona’s favorite ways to connect with her fans located in different parts of the globe.

She’s even looking for people who she can regularly exchange letters with via postal mail [penpal].

She wrote, Hey beautiful people! [heart]

“spent some time at the @missuniverse headquarters today and replied to some of your fan mail and sent out some goodies!”

“I love being able to connect with you this way - there's something so special about receiving and sending handwritten letters!”

“Also saw my stamp used for the first time which was surreal!”

“Penpals anyone?”


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The 25-year-old beauty queen recently made a short visit back in the Philippines to do some photoshoots and she was also reunited with her glam team. 


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She wished to spend more time in her home country in order to savour the summer heat at the beach.


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