Catriona Gray makes it to top 5

PHOTOS: @voguethailand

PHOTOS: @voguethailand

The most-awaited event, Miss Universe 2018, took place at the IMPACT Arena, Bangkok Thailand this morning, December 17.

After being chosen as one of the top 20, Catriona Gray blazes her trail as she earns a spot in the top 10 of Miss Universe 2018.

Here is her heartfelt opening statement:

“Working in some of the poorest areas of my country, I found that it was a lack of child support not poverty that killed their dreams. A child once told me, “Cat this is not my life and those dreams are meant for me” but I stand here today because someone believes in me and we owe it to our children to believe in them.”


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Catriona even enters the top 5 along with Puerto Rico, Vietnam, South Africa and Venezuela.

Here is her looks:


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The Filipinos continue to pray for her success in bringing home the crown.



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