Bettinna Carlos, proud sa cooking skills ng anak na si Gummy

PHOTOS: @abettinnacarlos on Instagram

PHOTOS: @abettinnacarlos on Instagram

GMA artist-turned-businesswoman Bettinna Carlos is super proud sa kanyang eight-year-old little girl na si Amanda Lucia “Gummy” Carlos dahil nakapagluto ito ng breakfast using her recipe early today.

Successful ang pancake-cooking lesson ng mag-ina dahil game na game matutong magluto si Gummy.  

Natutuwang shinare ng aktres ang achievement nito at bonding session nila sa Instagram.

K’wento ng businesswoman sa kanyang caption, “Today's Home Economics/Math/Science morning bonding activity.

“She requested to make pancakes and I just wrote a recipe then she followed instructions and did everything. Measuring mixing cooking even washing and serving!

Dagdag pa ni Bettinna, importante sa kanya na magkaroon ng quality time with her daughter at bonus na din kung may matutunan ito sa bonding nila.

“This usually takes me 5-10 mins then her breakfast is ready. She took 30 minutes and its fine. She learned. She enjoyed. We spent time. At the end of the day its what matters most. That we get to spend quality time with our kids. Bonus that they learn something too.

“Its really about being intentional. [heart] Thank you Lord for helping me not rush her (dahil dami pang gawain today!!!)”


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Kamakailan ay nag-share ulit sa Instagram ang 31-year-old mother na binigyan niya ng challenge ang kanyang anak na matutong mag-ipon ng pera.

Sabi ni Bettinna sa kanyang post, “if she wants one (or something) she needs to save up for it”


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