Bela Padilla shares thoughts on social media usage; thankful she’s not been a subject of fake news

Bela Padilla encourage everyone, especially young people to be mindful of what they post and read online.

PHOTO: Melo Balingit

Bela Padilla encourage everyone, especially young people to be mindful of what they post and read online.

Actress-screenwriter Bela Padilla shared her piece on proper usage of social media during the pocket interviews after the press conference of her upcoming movie Mañanita which is in the running for major awards in the main competition section of the 2019 Tokyo International Film Festival. 

Bela admitted that she also sometimes neglect to fact-check her news sources when she’s searching for a certain information. 

She said, “I’m also guilty of this sometimes when I want to learn something I immediately check on Twitter or on Instagram when in fact I can go to direct sources like news site which I should do. And I would encourage young people also to maybe stick first to more factual sites or sources.”

She explained that people can easily be deceived even on the little things that’s why she is encouraging everyone, not only the young people, to be mindful of the information they read online, especially on social media.  

“It’s easy kasi to believe something eh like for the simplest things. Kunyari may lumabas na balita nabasa mo sa Twitter it feels real, pero hindi mo rin alam kung saan niya nakuha ’yon. We have to be very vigilant especially now, it’s so easy to post something..”

“Like I can post that I have blue hair right now even if I don’t. And if you’re not with me right at this moment, you would believe that I color my hair blue.”  

The 28-year-old artist stressed that people have the power to publish content online anytime, anywhere. And that online users are responsible to know the truth behind it. 

“So that’s scary, I feel like that power that we all have now because of social media is scary. So we should really take things in stride.’Yon nga be more aware ‘do I need to believe this certain news article or should I check more on where this is based?.”

Aside from sharing her thoughts on social media usage, Bela also mentioned that she hasn’t fallen victim to any major fake news so far. 

“No, I haven’t seen myself in a situation where there was something said about me. I mean, obviously there will be opinions on social media that are totally based on lies or based on thin air. Hindi mo alam sometimes kung saan nila hinuhugot information nila.

“Like a couple of days ago, may nag direct message sa akin sabi ‘it was nice to see you at Changi airport in Singapore and I was right here in Manila. Those stuff like that if somebody read that post they could easily think that I’m in Singapore that day, even if I wasn’t. There are things like that but I can let that go.”

Mañanita premieres on October 29 at the 2019 Tokyo International Film Festival it will also grace Philippine cinemas on December 4. 

Watch full interview below:


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