Bela Padilla clarifies involvement in Sagada SONA shooting with Piolo Pascual and Joyce Bernal; says she’s not a DDS

Bela Padilla clarified her involvement in the shooting for President Rodrigo Duterte's SONA headed by Piolo Pascual and Joyce Bernal!

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Bela Padilla clarified her involvement in the shooting for President Rodrigo Duterte's SONA headed by Piolo Pascual and Joyce Bernal!

Kapamilya star Bela Padilla shedded light on her real involvement in the Sagada shooting for President Rodrigo Duterte's upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA) spearheaded by film director Joyce Bernal and actor-producer Piolo Pascual.

It could be recalled that it was last Monday, July 6, when Bernal, Pascual, and their team were slammed by netizens after pushing through with their Sagada trip to film background views for the SONA despite being rejected by the Mayor's Office and the Municipal Disaster Risk and Management Office (MDRRMO).


Sagada, Mountain Province. On July 3, 2020, a coordinator from the Malacanang Presidential Broadcast Staff-RTVM called...

Posted by Sagada Municipality on Sunday, July 5, 2020

The team also attempted to shoot in Banawe but was also denied, only finding luck in Baguio City.

On July 9, Pascual broke his silence regarding the controversy, clarifying that he does not do politics and was saddened that his team was judged without knowing the facts.

"With the recent controversy involving my friend Direk Joyce and myself, it saddened me to be judged without knowing the facts," he wrote. "I'm the type who just let things pass and the truth speak for itself but this time I'm forced to air my side for clarity."

"I haven't met the President personally and I don't do politics as some may know," he added. "I was there with Direk Joyce and my friend Illac Diaz to help Direk Joyce to get footage for her personal message/video before the start of the SONA, showing how the environment has changed positively because of the pandemic."


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However, a netizen did not take kindly Pascual's statement, saying he was lying and posting a photo of a quote from his statement and the alleged authorization letter from the Malacañang Presidential Broadcast Staff side by side.

Netizens were shocked to see the name of Bela Padilla on the list of the team set to film for the President's SONA.

One netizen tagged Bela on the tweet, asking if she was a supporter of Duterte and if so, it was a "plot twist."

The actress-screenwriter, who wrote the film Last Night starring Pascual and Toni Gonzaga under the former's production outfit Spring Films, replied to the netizen, clarifying that she is not a Duterte supporter.

"Nope not at all," she said.

She was then asked why her name was on the list, to which she answered that she was told they were shooting for Liter of Light, a global movement that aims to provide affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited to no electricity access.

"[A]s soon as I found out that us being there could have any connection with the SONA, I went home alone, immediately, because I have no participation in it in anyway," she added to her reply.

The netizen thanked her for the reply and concluded that she is not a supporter of the Duterte administration, taking her word for what she said.

"In the most respectful way to everyone involved, yes. cheers!" she replied back.


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