Bea Alonzo reflected over beautiful “Starry Night” painting in New York

PHOTO: @beaalonzo on Instagram

PHOTO: @beaalonzo on Instagram

Bea Alonzo still in awe after seeing the “Starry Night” artwork by artist Vincent Van Gogh the second time around.

She first saw the masterpiece in Amsterdam back in 2015 with the actor Enchong Dee and she encountered it again when she visited The Museum of Modern Art also known as MoMA in New York.

She wrote on her Instagram post, “Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh”

“Saw this painting for the first time in 2015 when Enchong and I visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. And now it's hanging on the wall of MOMA here in New York.

“I know very little about art but I appreciate something as beautiful as this.”

“He painted this one morning when he looked out his window and he just suddenly saw how beautiful their small village was.”

Upon seeing the painting twice, the actress shared a beautiful realization.

“Makes me think that sometimes we should look at things from a different perspective and the result could probably be something as beautiful as this. [heart]”


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The 31-year-old Kapamilya artist is currently enjoying her time New York this holy week. She also took advantage of this vacation to watch Broadway shows and roam around the streets of NY.


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