'Babae At Baril', Janine Gutierrez, Elijah Canlas win big at 43rd Gawad Urian Awards

Janine Gutierrez and Elijah Canlas best acting greats as they win Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively, at the 43rd Gawad Urian Awards

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Janine Gutierrez and Elijah Canlas best acting greats as they win Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively, at the 43rd Gawad Urian Awards

The 43rd edition of the Gawad Urian Awards took place last Tuesday, November 12, headed by the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino (MPP).

This year's award ceremony was held virtually amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It was streamed live on the YouTube channel TVUP by the University of the Philippines (UP). 

It recognized 2020's talents on and off-screen in films released in the past year.

The crime thriller Babae At Baril bagged the most awards, winning Best Picture, Best Director for Rae Red, Best Actress for Janine Gutierrez, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Production Design.

Janine took to Twitter to express surprise and excitement over her and her film's victory.

"Hindi ko na pinaabot ang isip ko sa posibilidad na mangyari ito dahil lahat ng artistang kasabay ko dito, sobrang hinahangaan ko!! Thank you for all the greetings about #BabaeAtBaril sa Urian. This means everything! Salamat. Congratulations, Team Babae!!" she wrote.

Gameboys star Elijah Canlas was recognized for his acting chops in Kalel, 15, winning Best Actor. The film itself also won Best Screenplay received by Jun Lana.

Yayo Aguila for Metamorphosis and the late Kristoffer King for Verdict won the awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor, respectively.

Here is the full list of winners from the prestigious award-giving body:


Babae at Baril - WINNER
Ang Hupa
Huwebes, Huwebes
John Denver Trending
Kalel, 15


Kathryn Bernardo (Hello, Love, Goodbye)
Alessandra de Rossi (Lucid)
Max Eigenmann (Verdict)
Angie Ferro (Lola Igna)
Jean Garcia (Watch Me Kill)
Janine Gutierrez (Babae at Baril) - WINNER
Nadine Lustre (Ulan)
Anita Linda (Circa)
Bela Padilla (Mañanita)
Sue Prado (Alma Ata)
Ruby Ruiz (Iska)


Louise Abuel (Edward)
Oliver Aquino (Jino to Mari)
Gold Azeron (Metamorphosis)
Raymond Bagatsing (Quezon’s Game)
Royce Cabrera (Fuccbois)
Elijah Canlas (Kalel, 15) - WINNER
Gio Gahol (Sila Sila)
Joel Lamangan (Ang Hupa)
Jansen Magpusao (John Denver Trending)
Alden Richards (Hello, Love, Goodbye)


Yayo Aguila (Metamorphosis) - WINNER
Pinky Amador (Ang Hupa)
Perla Bautista (Ulan)
Angie Castrence (Iska)
Cherie Gil (Kaputol)
Maricel Laxa (Hello, Love, Goodbye)
Meryll Soriano (John Denver Trending)


Ricky Davao (Fuccbois)
Dido Dela Paz (Edward)
Topper Fabregas (Sila Sila) 
Yves Flores (Lola Igna)
Kristoffer King (Verdict) - WINNER
Noel John Noval (Huwebes, Huwebes)
JC Santos (Babae at Baril)


Glennn Barit (Cleaners)
Arden Rod Condez (John Denver Trending)
Lav Diaz (Ang Hupa)
Jun Lana (Kalel, 15)
Arnel Mordoquio (Alma Ata)
Thop Nazareno (Edward)
Rae Red (Babae at Baril) - WINNER
Je Tiglao (Metamorphosis)


Glenn Barit (Cleaners)
John Bedia (Edward)
Arden Rod Condez (John Denver Trending)
Lav Diaz (Ang Hupa)
Don Gerardo Frasco (Huwebes, Huwebes)
Jun Lana (Kalel, 15) - WINNER
Rae Red (Babae at Baril)


Tey Clamor (Lola Igna)
Tey Clamor (Babae at Baril) - WINNER
Tey Clamor (Metamorphosis)
Mycko David (Jino to Mari)
Neil Daza (Ulan)
Lav Diaz and Daniel Uy (Ang Hupa) 
Steven Evangelio (Cleaners)
Odyssey Flores (Mañanita)
Don Gerardo Frasco (Huwebes, Huwebes)
Cyprus Lilim (Alma Ata)
Carlo Canlas Mendoza (Kalel, 15)
Joshua Reyes (Verdict)
Rommel Sales (John Denver Trending)
Marcin Szocinski (Watch Me Kill)


Jr Cabrera and Thop Nazareno (Edward)
Diego Marx Dobles and Jay Altajeros (Jino to Mari)
Diego Marx Dobles (Verdict)
Brian Gonzales and Jet Leyco (For My Alien Friend)
Noah Loyola and Che Tagyamon (Cleaners)
Ilsa Malsi (Babae at Baril) - WINNER
Ilsa Malsi (Sila Sila)
Carlo Francisco Manatad (Fuccbois)
Benjamin Gonzales Tolentino (Kalel, 15)
Renard Torres (Ulan)


Ferdue Abuel (Ulan)
Maolen Fadul (Kalel, 15)
Alvin Francisco (Edward)
Eero Yves Francisco (Babae at Baril) - WINNER
Matthew Rosen (Quezon’s Game)
Connie Valera (Watch Me Kill)


Teresa Barrozo (Kalel, 15)
Glennn Barit (Cleaners)
Len Calvo and Adriane Macalipay (Ulan) 
Divino Dayacap (Metamorphosis)
Jude Giatamondoc and Cindy Velasquez (Huwebes, Huwebes) - WINNER
Fatima Nerikka Salim and Immanuel Verona (Babae at Baril)


Vince Jan Banta, Mikko Quizon and RJ Cantos (Ulan) 
Bryan Dumaguina (Watch Me Kill)
Albert Michael Idioma, Aian Louie Caro and Lamberio Casas (Kalel, 15)
Jet Leyco and Brian Gonzales (For My Alien Friend)
Daryl Libongco, Aerial Ellyson Mallari, RJ Cantos and Mikko Quizon (Sila Sila)
John Michael Perez and Daryl Libongco (Cleaners)
John Michael Peres and Mikko Quizon (Mañanita) - WINNER
Roy Santos (Edward)


No Data Plan (Miko Revereza) - WINNER


Tokwifi (Carla Pulido Ocamo) - WINNER

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