Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza watch LANY concert together, Arjo posts sweet message to his “babs” Maine after

Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde went to LANY's concert last night and narrated their unforgettable experience together.

PHOTOS: @MsM1995 (L) & @AtaydeArjo (R) on Twitter

Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde went to LANY's concert last night and narrated their unforgettable experience together.

Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza went the extra mile in order to watch the concert of the American indie pop band popularly known as LANY last night, July 24. 

Arjo posted photos of them on social media and the rumored couple appeared separately riding a motorcycle under a pouring rain as they make their way to the said concert. 

On Twitter, Arjo shared their photo and admitted that their experience last night was unforgettable, “More and more memories with you babs one for the books!  #LANYLiveInMNLDay2.”

That same photo was also posted on Arjo’s Instagram stories. His first post contained the words: I love you so bad, babs. But later on deleted his post and re-uploaded just the photo.


Meanwhile, Maine also narrated her experience on her Twitter account last night. At first, the Kapuso star announced that she can no longer witness the famous band’s concert due to a sudden taping. 

She tweeted, “Nakipagunahan ako bumili ng LANY tickets noon tapos may biglaang taping ngayon? Ang shaket shaket. Enjoy sa lahat ng pupunta tonight. I-hi niyo nalang ako kay @pauljasonklein. #MalibuNightsMNL.”

A few minutes later, she already posted two solo pictures of her braving the rain and traffic just so she can make it to the concert and watch her idol Paul Jason Klein, the band’s vocalist. 

Her photos were captioned, “Magtataping pero hindi susuko! Dibale nang dugyot basta #LabanLANY!!!.”

After watching the show, the 24-year-old Triple A artist’s last tweet about her experience was: “Nairaos! Pakiramdam ko may hinabol akong jowa na paalis ng bansa. Iba kayo, @thisisLANY! Hindi ko to nagawa kay Chris Martin.. baka magtampo. Anyway, you guys were amazing! Thanks for giving us a great show! Til the next! #LANYLiveInMNLDay2.”

Maine was pertaining to the vocalist of her another favorite band called Coldplay, where she also attended their countless concerts and fangirled over them.   


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