Anne Curtis, excited to be back in romance drama film

PHOTO: Stephen Jan Cruz

PHOTO: Stephen Jan Cruz

The casts of the film Just A Stranger  written by Jason Paul Laxamana come together for its story conference at Viva office yesterday, January 29.

After finishing three successful films last 2018, Anne is ready to take on another challenging role in the genre of romance drama along with Marco Gumabao, Edu Manzano, Eula Valdez and Jas Rodriguez.

PHOTO: Stephen Jan Cruz

Anne shared, “We’re all very excited to be working on this film. I’m so happy to be going back to a core role for me being in romance drama.”

“I’m excited to go back to that genre, of course with Direk JP and the amazing casts”

Direk Jason Laxamana explained Anne’s role, “Balik other woman si Anne but we have a different take dito sa project na to. It’s not gonna be like the past “other woman” movies that we have seen.”

“This one is more subdued, I believe mas gray area ang tinatackle nito. Hindi siya yung other woman, evil na.”

Anne also expressed how she missed starring in this kind of genre, “Nakakamiss, kasi last year I did horror (Aurora), action (BuyBust) and romcom (Sid & Aya). So it’s nice to go back to romance drama.”

She also explained why it’s different from all the other roles she have done, “It’s totally different. Maybe it’s because it’s a definitely a way of very mature role, especially where I am with my personal life.”

“This is more relatable I guess to my age at the moment, which makes it a bit more different because I have more experience in life now”

“So when I first read the script, I loved the script immediately and knew that I wanted to do this because I hadn’t done it.”

“Coming from three films last year, it’s like magpapahinga muna ba ako but when a script like that fall into your lap, you don’t want to let it go.”

“It is an amazing role and I can’t wait to share it with everyone”



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