Anne and Jasmine Curtis give tribute to their mom Carmen on her birthday 

Anne and Jasmine Curtis took to their respective Instagram accounts to greet their mommy Carmen a happy birthday!

PHOTOS: @annecurtissmith & @jascurtissmith on IG

Anne and Jasmine Curtis took to their respective Instagram accounts to greet their mommy Carmen a happy birthday!

The Curtis-Smith sisters, Anne and Jasmine, just penned touching birthday messages to their momma Carmen on their respective Instagram accounts. 

This year, Anne made her mom’s birthday extra special because she is gifting her with something like no other, an “apo.” 

Anne surprised everyone, even her mom, when she publicly announced her pregnancy last November 10. She explained on It’s Showtime that she and her husband Erwan Heussaff chose to keep their little secret first for the past few months. 

On her IG greeting, which came with a baby photo of her and her then young momma, Anne wrote: “Happy Happy Birthday to my crazy beautiful mama @carmcurtissmith 💖. Grateful you’re able to make this quick trip for this very special time in our lives.”

She added, “Hope you liked my birthday gift - an apo 🤰🏻. I pray that he or she gets the crazy kulit genes you gave to me too.” 

The actress also mentioned how much she looks forward to witnessing how mommy Carmen will shower her future little one with love. 

“I’ve been blessed to have felt and seen the kind of love you have given to us, your children... and It brings me so much happiness knowing that my little one will get to experience that same kind of love (and maybe even more so I’ve been told 🤷🏻‍♀️) from his/her Lola. ❤️”

And despite feeling nervous as a first-time mom, Anne is grateful she has her mom to “guide her through it all.” 

“Exciting times ahead and I couldn’t be more thrilled knowing I have you to guide me through it all!!!! Love you Mum. Happy Happy Birthday!!!” 


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Now that Anne is on her fifth month of pregnancy, Mommy Carmen is already so excited to meet her apo. She expressed her happiness and gratefulness for her elder daughter and son-in-law on her own IG feed. 

Her full caption read: “My very special bday I ever have... Nov ... happiest. Moment... My bday today .. thank you my beautiful gft that you gave me @annecurtissmith @erwan that Im gonna be #Lola.. ..I go back tomorrow Im bringing with me a beautiful heart bit!beautiful smile! ThNk you so much I can’t wait!! Thank you #Wobly Anne!.”


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Jasmine, for her part, posted a beautiful throwback photo of her and her mommy Carmen.

Living miles apart from her Australia-based momma is not something to stop Jasmine from making mommy Carmen feel so loved.

She wrote on her caption, “Our heart and our kulit comes from you, mama @carmcurtissmith ❤ I am so lucky to be your daughter.”
She continued, “And there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think and wonder about being with you at home lazing around the couch and enjoying our chats, tv marathons, binge eating on hot chips & gravy, or looking out on the streets for you on your sneaky walks 😋

“I'm so happy we get to spend your bday with you this year. Hihihi good one bb #LittleWanForAnne!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA ❤❤❤❤❤.”


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 Happiest Birthday, Mommy Carmen!

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