Anne and Erwan exchange heart-melting anniversary messages

Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis are celebrating the second year in their marriage life!

PHOTOS: @erwan on IG

Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis are celebrating the second year in their marriage life!

Content creator Erwan Heussaff took to Instagram earlier this morning to greet his loving wife Anne Curtis, who is already carrying their first baby, a happy anniversary. 

Aside from celebrating the newest addition to their growing family, Erwan and Anne are also in high spirits as they marked the second year in their marriage life. 

Erwan posted a photo of Anne posing in an open field, feeling the sun warming her skin while she’s flaunting her possibly five-month-old baby bump. 

And the photo was captioned: “Celebrating 2 years of marriage with this beautiful lady today. I never thought that hundreds of days could feel like a blink.”

With the baby on its way, Erwan mentioned that he’s ready to give his all in taking care of their little angel. 

“This will be the last time we spend it alone, before we are overwhelmed by the love for our child. Sleepless nights and longer days, I'm ready for all of it. With a tough woman like you, we have nothing to worry about it.”

The soon-to-be father ended his caption with a joke by saying: “I hope our kid has your looks, but my voice. Je t'aime mon amour.”


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Anne, for her part, posted a throwback photo of them together which was taken at their wedding. 

“Happy Anniversary Mon Amour @erwan.” She wrote on her IG post. “2 years gone by just like that and what a way to celebrate.... now, with our little one on the way.”

The future mom couldn’t help but feel nervous but having Erwan by her side makes her feel that everything’s okay.

“I’m not the perfect wife, I make mistakes and I am a continuous work in progress and as I embark on this journey of motherhood I know I will still not be perfect... I’m happy, I’m scared, I’m nervous.... but knowing that I have you right beside me... holding my hand every step of the way... it makes everything okay and settles my restless mind and heart.

“This may be our last anniversary we celebrate with just the two of us but I can’t wait to celebrate our next one with the #LittleWanForAnne with us ❤️. Ok. I’ll stop now. Crying. Preggy hormones taking over. Sorry. #thewanforanne.”


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Anne and Erwan announced that they are expecting last Sunday, November 10. 


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