Andi Eigenmann gives sleeping tips for moms tending to newborn babies

Bid goodbye to sleepless nights with Andi's tips!

PHOTO: @chepoxz on IG

Bid goodbye to sleepless nights with Andi's tips!

After giving birth to her second baby last July 24, Andi Eigenmann has been vocal about her postpartum sentiments, incuding tending to a newborn baby, which we all know is no easy feat. But Andi is determined to always look on the brighter side of things.

And the two-time mom generously shares vis Instagram her pregnancy and post-natal journey with her second angel, Keliana Alohi Eigenmann “Lilo” Alipayo, her child with her surfer partner Philmar Alipayo.  

But besides posting postpartum realness on her feed, Andi also makes her IG account an online space for moms needing tips on tending to newborn babies. 

Recently, Andi shared a photo of baby Lilo and gave out tips on how to sleep longer at night despite looking after her newborn.

On her post, she wrote: “Dont they just look so much lovelier when they are asleep?😂 I kid you not, a parenting achievement such as being able to teach your child to fall asleep on her own and sleep for longer hours in the night feels as good as winning an acting award.”

She went on: “I feel as though a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. Pun intended.hehe my shoulders felt like they were about to fall off! But not having to carry her as much is just a bonus. Ive read up about self soothing and take advice from other moms. and learned that it’s beneficial for the both of us. Thats what got me to not fall for her adorable-ness and pick her up each time. (Now I just fall for it sometimes lol).”

Say goodbye to sleepless nights mommas, Andi just dropped some of her secrets in getting longer sleep at night. 

Here, we’ve broken down her tips:

(1) “set a schedule for napping and feeding so its consistent. 

(2) “Cluster feed at night (every 2hrs) and then give a dreamfeed on the last one so she wont wake up in the middle being super hungry.
(3) “And for self soothing without crying it out: your cycle must be- sleep, feed, wake not the other way around. 

(4) “When they make noises, take a pause before attending to them. Give them a chance to soothe themselves before doing it for them straight away. I used to give it a minute, now I give it 5. 

(6) “Unless she starts crying and turning red. When I attend to her I just pat her repeatedly first instead of picking her up right away. I also found that at this age, a pacifier is super helpful. 

Andi ended her long advise caption by encouraging other moms to “feel free” to share suggestions in the comment section of her post. 

She said: “Every parent and every baby is different so let’s not shame others or put them down based on what works best for them, but maybe your tips would be helpful to some too, so feel free to share!☺.”


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