A lookback at Heaven Peralejo's roles that will have you all excited for "Lilim”

Heaven Peralejo proves that she is a versatile actress with her various roles in film and television. She is set to appear in the Mikhail Red horror film Lilim, which is set to frighten moviegoers this 2024!

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Heaven Peralejo proves that she is a versatile actress with her various roles in film and television. She is set to appear in the Mikhail Red horror film Lilim, which is set to frighten moviegoers this 2024!

When it comes to the topic of versatile leading ladies, Heaven Peralejo can surely be added to the list, especially now after she is set to star in the Mikhail Red-helmed horror Lilim.

Set in the turbulent backdrop of 1970’s and 1980’s Philippines, Lilim follows the story of a brother and sister who seek refuge in an orphanage during a period of unrest and enigmatic disappearances. However, things start to take a horrifying turn when the siblings discover dark cult practices and ancient evil among the nuns who handle the orphanage.

Get yourself ready for Heaven’s acting prowess in the film, which is set for release this 2024, by looking back at the variety of roles she has done in the past few years which will make you truly agree that she is one of the versatile young leading ladies to watch out for.


In Sunny, a Viva Films coming-of-age movie released last April, Heaven plays the role of young Annie, a new high school student who forms a beautiful friendship with a group of girls in her school. 

Heaven is believable as a shy, timid new student in a world where everyone is familiar and comfortable with one another. She, then, shows young Annie’s more friendly side when she becomes comfortable with the group, collectively known as Sunny.


Heaven shows the highs and lows of young love in the television miniseries The Rain in España when she portrays Luna, an architecture major, who crosses paths with Kalix (played by her MarVen love team partner Marco Gallo). 

In the series, Heaven shows the huge mix of emotions when a young person feels immense love for someone—from being all lovey dovey from dates and little hangouts to showing anger and sadness because of the problems they face along the way.

The Rain in España truly became the avenue for Heaven to show how relatable her character is, especially for those who are going through love problems at a young age.


Heaven ups her acting talents in Men Are from QC, Women Are from Alabang when she plays Aica opposite Marco Gallo’s Tino. Both are fresh graduates who navigate post-college life. They start a relationship and face the challenge of long-distance relationships and career demands.

Heaven makes another relatable character in Aica, especially to those in the corporate setting. She shows how workers go through the problems they have with family and love all while balancing it with a stressful career. 

In the film adaptation of the book with the same name, Heaven truly captures the emotions of people who are undergoing a long-distance relationship.


We saw a different Heaven in the film Nananahimik Ang Gabi which is centered around Me-Ann, a “sugar baby” to Ian Veneracion’s Chief. 

In the 2022 Metro Manila Film Festival entry, we see Heaven show a different side when it comes to acting. 

From the usual romance and light dramas, we see her go all intense in the suspense thriller, with her eyes showing various emotions through the character of Me-Ann, who feels pleasure and, at the same time, distress while being part of an abusive relationship with Chief.

Get ready to see Heaven breathe life to another character that will keep you at the edge of your seats in Lilim. The horror film, directed by Mikhail Red, will also star Ryza Cenon, Eula Valdes, and Mon Confiado, and is set to be released this 2024.


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