9 celebrities you didn’t know were cat lovers

PHOTOS: @annecurtissmith, @pochoy_29, @meganbata, @mercadojenny, @kylienicolepadilla, @eulavaldes, @elybumbilya,@suennadoodles, @coleen on Instagram

PHOTOS: @annecurtissmith, @pochoy_29, @meganbata, @mercadojenny, @kylienicolepadilla, @eulavaldes, @elybumbilya,@suennadoodles, @coleen on Instagram

“Cats rule the world and so are these celebrities”

Celebrities always share most of their lives on their respective social media accounts and one of people’s favorites while scrolling through their feed is seeing them obsessed with their pets. This time, stars who own and adopt cats take center stage.

Despite their busy schedules, these celebrities without a doubt look forward to coming home so that they can cuddle with their adorable cats.  


Anne Curtis

The famous celebrity cat with a grumpy face Mogwai is a short-haired version of a Persian cat called Exotic shorthair. Another feline friend joined Anne’s hood and she’s Pixie who loves to  chill in mama’s sink.  

source: @annecurtissmith


Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado

The couple is also under the spell of a feline romance. Jen and Denise named their three adorable cats Clay the Scottish Fold, Amy the Scottish Straight and Chael the Main Coon.

source: @dennistrillo & @mercadojenny 


Kylie Padilla

Kylie who recently tied the knot with Aljur Abrenica rarely shares a picture of her cat which looks like an Egyptian Mau named Bruce. Kylie’s cat knows how pose for the camera! “Taking care of a cat is a taste of parenthood”, she said as reported by Philstar. 

Source: @kylienicolepadilla


Paolo Ballesteros

Having seven cats at home, it became a routine for Paolo to constantly share his cats’ naps and adventures on Instagram. Paolo and the seven cat’s favorite bonding is really sleeping next to each other. Get to know Sam the Exotic Shorthair, Gus the British Short Hair, Lily the Scottish Fold, Beth the Straight Eared Scottish Fold, Jack the American Short Hair, Bob the white American Short Hair and Marble the American Short Hair. 

source: @pochoy_29


Ely Buendia

The singer songwriter adores his four different cats Percy the Persian cat, Ripley the Tabby cat, Nero the Himalayan cat and Rory the Scottish Fold. No doubt, these cats love their daddy’s singing voice!

source: @elybumbilya


Eula Valdez

Eula is taking good care and spoiling all her five Persian fur babies at home she called the Kitty Wonderland. Meet Ginger, Lily, Hawkie, Nomak and La Mancha.

source: @eulavaldes


Megan Young

The cat’s in Megan’s life: Salem, Flarff, Kira the Puspin and Lucky. She’s proud to call herself a cat lady and her home is a safe haven for abandoned cats. She’s definitely Miss World 2015 because that’s how her cats see her – their world. 

source: @meganbata


Coleen Garcia

Coleen is a mama of three Sphynx - Storm, Anya and Dimitri and a grandma of three more baby Sphynx. Although a lot of people are not accustomed to her cats’ breed, she finds them unique and easy to love like any other cats out there. 

source: @coleen


Sue Ramirez

Sue takes pride of her cats named Asha the Persian with amber eyes and Sagwa the Siamese with blue eyes. She even created their own Instagram account to show how much she treasures her fur babies.  

source: @sueannadoodles

Stay tuned to find out more celebrity cat lovers!



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